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filled with vibrant hues and glittering crystals, GARDEN OF HALLUCINATIONS lends itself as a portal to an alternate reality.


Where the waters are an infinitely-incandescent blue and the iridescence of everyday life unveils itself, the SS20 scarves reflect the magic inside the mind.

Step inside— a technicolor world awaits.

As art and photography’s creation begins to increasingly synchronize with technological processing and manipulation, SS20 moves into this new decade with ‘Garden of Hallucinations’, a collection composed of textile prints channeling the ephemeral objects of nature seen in works created by contemporary artists such as, Lila Khosrovian, Maisie Cousins, and William Miller, whose acclaimed work embodies photographs and collages drenched in brilliant psychedelic hues.

Permeated by a frenetic assortment of electrified, highly-saturated inversions, each print is an anomalous experimentation and exploration into the enigmatic essence of the scarf.

Just as the digital-era continues to test limits and transcend expectations in society, these chemical alterations reveal patterns and motifs pleasantly unexpected, broadening our formerly-held, conceivable perspectives.

Dispersed amongst ultraviolet purples, radiant blues and opalescent oranges, the endless possibilities derived from their respective techniques are transposed onto diaphanous silk organzas where ebullient pools of bright, fluorescent combinations cascade upon reels of textiles.

Featuring Les Inconnus classic styles hand-’dipped’ in crystals, these prints develop further, embellishing not only the fabric itself, but the wearer who selects them. Just as a film photograph relies on systematic applications and processes, the scarves of ‘Garden of Hallucinations’ are, in many ways, consigned to the body, guarding the greater intrinsic and elemental properties of its source.

Just as style is often a metaphysical expression of self through what we choose to wear, these accessories challenge the notion that there is little to be seen between the relationship of today’s modern technology and their poetic, creatively held sensibilities.

Nature is infinite, elicit your inner unknown.


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