Agrandir ZIGGY "X" SCARF
Agrandir ZIGGY "X" SCARF



X-shaped scarf in Blush Silk Satin with hand embroidered Crystal Fringes


Handmade in Italy


About the Style


The Ziggy, our X-shaped scarf encourages the wearer to embrace the essence of their own ‘stardust’. It incites one’s creative experimentation with styling possibilities as the look of the piece changes drastically depending on what garment it is worn over. The muse behind this creation is none other than David Bowie’s glam rock persona, Ziggy Stardust – the ultimate embodiment individuality and self-expression.


How to wear 


The Ziggy Scarf can be worn over any garment, or directly on skin. Not only does the scarf look different depending on what it is worn over, but it is a sustainable way to bring new life into old garments. 




Fabric :  100% Silk

Crystal trimming :  90% Crystal, 10% Metal




Fabric measurements :  118cm x 42cm x 16.5cm

Crystals fringes width :  34cm

Crystal fringes length :  9cm




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