At les inconnus we believe in the indisputable charm and versatility of a scarf. One of the things that attracts us the most  is its infinite possibilities:  Unconcerned with gender, style or age of the person wearing, anyone and everyone can and should try one .

We know that often men find the idea of incorporating accessories to their outfits quite challenging and that is a shame, as the difference a scarf can make in an outfit can be the secret style weapon of those who crave practicality and simplicity, but still want to make a lasting impression. If you read our manifesto you know that we believe that the way we present ourselves is a valuable tool to show who we are or aspire to be.

With that in mind, we´ve selected unknown faces that know exactly how to make the most of our favorite accessory. Hopefully these images will inspire you to experiment and find your very own way of styling your les inconnus.

In a formal setting, wearing impeccably tailored looks:

Adding a scarf  (and a lot of charm and style) to basic outfit:

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