At Les Inconnus, identity is at the core of everything we do and believe. Aware that we are everchanging, becoming who we are is a lifelong adventure of uncovering, transforming and transcending while remaining loyal to our essence.

In the continuous quest to cater to kindred spirits, those that share our fascination with art, authenticity and self-expression and know the power that our sartorial choices have in conveying just that, we have decided to expand our universe with the “Shirt capsule collection”: A limited edition of silk shirts showcasing our 10 favorite prints. Delicate, tailored complements to the Les inconnus scarf.

We are committed to translating colors, fabrics and patterns that stuns and stimulates us into physical pieces that carry and represent our message to the world. As you already know, scarves are and will continue to be our main canvases, but we love to think of the shirt as the perfect accessory for the scarf. After all what would an outfit be without the right accessories?

Thought of as an addition to your scarf, we invite you to explore the myriad possibilities, palettes and textures that our shirts can now bring to the “Radiant garden” and “Psychedelic flowers” collections. The dream goes on.

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