Jimi Hendrix was a visionary, a master in using his genius musician skills to create rifts and his very own unique way of playing guitar and taking it to a whole new level. His sartorial choices were inspired and iconic just as the music he created: Full of colors, textures and unparallaled attitude. Decades after his departure from this world, his style remains a timeless source of amazement.

Infused with a wild, groundbreaking talent and lust for life, visually he was also a force to be reckoned with: JimiĀ“s clothes were a direct reflection of his personality. His ability to communicate feelings and provoke sensations transcended the music and became a full attack of the senses in its most complete form. Hendrix is a major and constant inspiration for les inconnus

An enthusiast of scarves and their infinite possibilities:


His love of texture and the way he unabashedly mixed them:

Bright colour palette, bold patterns… Psychedelic flowers is a direct homage to his spirit:

Styling was a fundamental part of his style: to the way he popped the collar of his shirts to his preference for exploring different accessories, every single detail was important.

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