At Les Inconnus, art in all its forms is a definite source of inspiration. It would be impossible to talk about our references without mentioning some of the incredible artists that have made lasting impressions on our minds and that consequently make up our essence.

In our blog, we will gradually share some of these names and depict why they have been so instrumental and inspiring in creating our pieces. First up is American contemporary artist, Ruth Pastine. Originally from New York, she moved to the West Coast almost twenty years ago. It was in the California Light and Space movement that her abstract paintings found kindred spirits.

Seeing Ruth Pastine´s work for the first time is an unforgettable experience that only gets more sublime with each viewing. At first glance,  the contrast of saturated colors and the masterful use of light can fool the eye into believing there´s something else involved,  as if the painting is artificially lit. They glow. A provocative visual experience that invites the viewer to redefine their perceptual field, the somehow divine aspect of the canvas emitting light is evocative of one´s most profound feelings.

From Pastine´s fascination with geometrical shapes, her studies of space, temperature, the finite and the limitless, light and matter, color theory and the way one color melts into the other with no clear boundary therefore eliciting an idea of freedom that offers a transformative and transcedental experience.

Her insistent way of challenging visual notions, instigating dialogues between colors and invoking vibrant and mysterious responses leads to an endless pathway to discover the truth and question our notions of beauty.

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