Payment by credit card or bank card

Les Inconnus accepts the following payment methods for online purchases:

  • Visa
  • Master card
  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer

You will need to indicate your credit card or bank card number, its expiration date and the cryptogram on the page provided for this purpose.


Payment by Paypal

Les Inconnus accepts payments made through Paypal.

At the time of the validation of the order, the Customer chooses the payment option “Paypal” and will be automatically redirected to the platform “Paypal”.

The Customer will then have to connect to his “Paypal” account via his contact information. If he does not have a PayPal account, he will be able to create one on this occasion. After validation of his order with “Paypal”, the Customer will be redirected to the confirmation page of


Payment by bank transfer

The payment of the purchases of the Customer can be carried out by bank transfer when the order is placed by telephone with one of the interlocutors Les Inconnus. In the event of payment by bank transfer, Les Inconnus communicate to the Customer by e-mail the banking coordinates of the account of Les Inconnus on which the transfer must be carried out.

For this purpose, the Customer confirms to his interlocutor, during a telephone order, that he is personally holder of the bank account used for the payment of the order.


The shipment of the order takes place only after verification of the method of payment, receipt of the authorization to debit the Customer’s credit card or confirmation from Paypal, verification of the compliance of the order with these terms and conditions of sale and the availability of the Article(s).