The vibrant and psychedelic palette of the 60s sets the tone, forms of nature are distorted in both delicate and abstract ways in order to reflect the frenetic pace of the era. Freedom and an absence of fear to experiment and discover new things are some of the elements that guided and informed the birth of this collection.

Flowers permeate everything in its most distinctive and genius interpretations: Pop in Andy Warhol´s silk prints, the poetry found in Irving Penn photographs, Nickolai Botvinnik´s roses in a 3D attack of the senses, Hew Locke´s flower installations resulting in iconic images to the festival of colors and shapes found in the wonders of Columbia Road Market.

Jimi Hendrix is the ideal soundtrack to emulate the wild and intense mood our creations wish to generate. Hypnotizing moves dictate the form: Silk, velvet, lame meant to take you in a merry-go-round of sensations with each touch. Strong tones mixed with vibrant variations echoing the most fascinating works of Mark Rothko and Gerold Miller´s very particular and deliberate way of using color.

Layers of possibility and the desire of injecting each piece with the spirit of the decade that revolutionized the way we live. Textiles that flow like the mind, insights that appear as you listen for the first time a song that will change your life. The awareness that in order to become modern, one needs to know the past, flex the eye beyond the limits of the familiar to get to a place of timeless space. Kaleidoscopic.

A collection meant to provoke your senses and bring to surface your most savage, free and creative sides. Breakthrough old convictions to take you closer to the elements that make up your true self. Transcending, resignifying and daring in a divine choreography, spontaneously unleashing your mind of rationality and reaching your apex while paying homage to the philosopher that believed only in a God that could dance. The transformation is permanent. Surrender yourself.

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