Nature seen through bright and illuminated lenses. The occult and the air of the night that can transform and reveal. The repetition on Yayoi Kusama´s infinite spaces with its obsessive sparkling dots and the universe they deliver. Landscapes during twilight hours, the abstract, the endless horizons generously unraveled by starry skies, neon lines that overflow and connect, memories scattered in details that echo in each piece. Color blocks that merge like a Ruth Pastine painting with its juxtaposition of saturated tones making it hard to know where one ends and the other begins, Daniele Buetti disruptive insertions techniques cutting holes so that light can shine through, the fantastic realism of Azuma Makoto bouquets of flowers playing havoc with the senses.

The disco era set in the iconic nights of Studio 54, the sequins in Bianca Jagger´s sartorial choices, the decadent elegance of metallic and its own particular way of reflecting light, each movement changes the effect. Blurred images in effortless glamour with an electrifying energy. Mirrors. Figures that can only be seen in absolute darkness, precious elements coming to life, flashes of colors, small glimpses of nature that appear completely different when seen outside of their usual habitat. Chiaroscuro, opposites that attract in a game of shadows and lights. Synecdoche of the senses.

A collection for dreamers, for those who believe in magic and find it in the most unexpected places. The search for the mystical and the beautiful in a subversion of the classics. A garden showered by a nocturnal filter, iridescent, the possibility of stumbling in a surprise with each step forward. What secrets are hidden in this garden? Which truths are revealed in the unique mood of the night? The moon lights and reflects colors selectively, revealing each element partially, the effect both breathtaking and subtle. The clarity of perception only made visible through the willingness of looking beyond what the eyes can see. The metaphysical. The inevitable truth finally uncovered as we stare into the infinite abyss.

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