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the ever-changing colors of an LA sunset and kaleidoscopes of flowers come together to guiding this collection.


LA landscapes and its vintage glamour were the starting point, but just like our brand, the final product is a culmination of various influences and places.

Choose from the myriad palette options, from iridescent tones of light blue, green, pink and yellow to the seductive array of metallic finishes or the bold colors of precious stones like purple, turquoise and pink.

Our commitment to excellence is visible in the delicate finishing, rich textures and attention to detail in aim to successfully translate our vision of the four elements into the products.

Dare to try.


Close your eyes; can you feel the shivers up and down your spine as the wind hits your skin? What is your idea of heaven? Are you ready to be transparent? Do you allow yourself to just be? Dive into the blue or marvel at the endless lights. When was the last time you made a wish while looking up at a star?

Can we run away? Somewhere over the rainbow...

Dare to escape.

Take off your shoes; feet on the ground, did you ever stop to think about how many colors exist in the world? How many flowers can you name? Do you feel yourself as raw as the earth?

Can you follow me? Far from the maddening crowd...

Dare to feel.

Take a leap, dare to submerge in crystal clear waters and explore the sensation on your body, feel as it travels through you and makes you shine.

Water as your mirror, the gentle touch, lightly and delicately bathing your skin. They say we never enter the same river twice.

Are you willing to let go? Away from the shallow...

Dare to dive.


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